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“Our clients tell us that one of the most distressing situations is not knowing what is available or who to talk to in an emergency. We welcome conversations with spouses, siblings and children so that the care process is clear to everyone.”

Merrie M. “Kim” Kelly is the Oregon Insurance Lady. She specializes in assisting those new to Medicare by educating them on their options.

Kim is an independent insurance agent, offering Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D through industry leading carriers.


She is paid directly by each insurance company to enroll and service the client.  The client does not pay her. The price of a policy is the same, whether you use a knowledgeable agent or go direct to the company.  If you choose to have an agent you will have someone on your side if there is a dispute.

Kim’s primary purpose is: “To serve my clients by being a resource in the insurance industry. Many times, I have been able to straighten out Medicare issues, assist with getting people on Extra Help, or getting premiums back from companies. In fact, problem-solving is the favorite part of my job!”

Kim’s philosophy is to not just offer a good protection product, but to serve the client for years after.