Long Term Care products not available when you need them

I had a call from a lady who is age 83. Her husband is 88 and having some balance issues.

She wanted long term care insurance for her husband. I had to tell her it was not available to him at all. In this instance they could not purchase it at any price: it is simply not available to them due to age and health, but mainly age.

The best time to think about LTCi is when you don’t need it and are healthy.

A 45 year old will pay FAR less for this policy than a 65 year old. And yet 65 seems to be when people want to purchase.

My suggestion is to consult with a Certified Financial Planner who can make suggestions on how to deal with a care event: how to pay for it.

Sometimes a person has an existing life insurance policy that can be sold with the proceeds helping to cover care costs. There are other options so check with a professional. But please do it when you are healthy!

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